Monster Pump PRE-WORKOUT (Lemon & Lime)


It’s perfect for all endurance sports due to the fact that it moderately stimulates, gives amazing energy to the muscles, full concentration without feeling jittery, better regeneration of the body and much more, which is described in the description of the ingredients below.


Creatine – is involved in the production of energy for muscles and allows you to use it more effectively. It does not cause the accumulation of subcutaneous water.


Arginine – supports the work of the heart, building muscle mass, improves mood. Our key influence on the maximum muscle filling.


Citrulline – improves the regeneration of the body after hard training by removing the substances responsible for soreness from the body. Increases efficiency. It stimulates local blood flow, extends the so-called anabolic window up to 3 hours after training.


Beta alanine – by increasing the concentration of carmosine in the muscles, it translates into better endurance during strength exercises. As a result, training can take longer and becomes more effective. It causes a slight tingling sensation.


Tyrosine – indirectly increases concentration and the feeling of pleasure, causing an overall increase in energy for a long time. It increases blood pressure and increases short-term motivation.

It improves the ability to assimilate information.


Norvaline – inhibits the breakdown of endogenous arginine, which is responsible for the high level of ATP energy for muscles during training and better regeneration, provides better synthesis of growth hormone, more efficient detoxification of the body and slows down the aging process of cells.


Caffeine – the effect of caffeine is that it stimulates the central nervous system, increasing concentration, reflexes and improving mood. In addition, caffeine accelerates the heart rate, increases the strength of its contraction and increases the metabolic rate. It also works to relieve pain.


Vitamin B6 – As proven in research without sufficient levels of vit B6, your body won’t be able to create and absorb enough of the amino acids we need. Much of the protein you eat will be wasted.