Diet plan


The dietary program is based on preparing a nutrition and physical activity plan tailored to your goal, whether it is weight loss, bodybuilding or just a healthy lifestyle.


As part of the plan, you will receive information on what products and in what amounts you can use in your chosen diet, how to plan and prepare properly balanced meals. In addition, you will get proposals for meals based on easily available healthy products. The meals are easy to prepare so that even a very busy person can find something for themselves. If you decide to do physical activity, we will select a plan that is suitable and tailored to your abilities. The plan also includes short instructional videos on how to properly perform exercises at home or in the gym.


You can choose a ketogenic, low carb and balanced diet. All diets are equally effective. It is best to match your diet with the products you like.


After placing the order, please send information with your order number and the type of diet selected. If you have a problem with choosing the right diet, write to us. We will be happy to help you because it is our passion.


Below are the comparisons of diets.


A low carb diet is a high-fat diet, where the main fuel is fats and there is little starchy carbohydrate, such as potatoes, rice, pasta. The main sources of protein are fatty meats, fish, cottage cheese, eggs.
The main source of vitamins and minerals are fruits and vegetables.


A ketogenic diet is also a high-fat diet, except that it is completely devoid of starchy carbohydrates and the only source of these is vegetables and fruits.
The main sources of protein are fatty meats, fish, cottage cheese, eggs.


A balanced diet is a diet that is low in fat and higher in carbohydrates. The main sources of protein are lean meats such as chicken breast, turkey, lean fish such as cod, eggs and low-fat dairy products.